Notable forms of "brian d foy"


brian d foy - New York Times

brian d foy - The Perl Journal, #9
BRIAN D FOY - The Perl Journal, #11

lc(Brian) - Jon Orwant

brian d foy - American Express

C<brian d foy> - Randal L. Schwartz

Other Good List Honorees

  • Network Solutions Accounts Payable (the Internic People)
  • Micro Publishing News, Northeast Edition, February 1998, photo credit
  • Columbia University CTA Program
  • Stonehenge Consulting ad, The Perl Journal, issue #10
  • Conference Management Services
  • Dr. Dobbs Journal
  • O'Reilly & Associates Perl University (which makes them even)


Brian Foy - O'Reilly and Associates, The 1997 Perl Conference proceedings and devices; mixed case, missing "d"

Brian Foy - The Perl Journal ; mixed case, missing "d"

Brian D. Foy - The Perl Journal ; Table of Contents #11 and ZDNet's Interactive Week

mr. d foy - suggested, but retracted, by David Adler on listserv; use of title

bRIAN - Jon Orwant; just plain silly

Brian D. Foy - misprint of my business card; mixed case, use of period in a void context.

Brian - many Usenet newbies; mixed case

The brian - an introduction at a user group meeting

Brian d Foy - O'Reilly and Associates; Perl Conference 2.0 Services; poor databasee design for auto-capitalization.

Brian d Foy - - not only does this guy want to make fun of it, but he can't even be consistent. he's a fine example of why i need a style guide in the first place. i guess a lot of people don't butcher his name. ;)